Rumbling Bald Rock Climbs Corrections and Updates

We are only human! Please add to this thread as you see updates or corrections needed in the guide or email Thanks for visiting!


Pg. 108: #18. The bad bolt on Gumbies in the Roof has been replaced.

Pg. 129: #28 (name unknown) has been named Gusdefied, FA Gus Glitch

Pg. 134: #3 “Cave Arete” has been named Bulgus, FA Gus Glitch

Pg. 149 “Mad Dog Variation” has been named “Underdog” FA Gus Glitch

Pg. 164: The upper bolt drawn on #4 Rocket Science should drawn lower. #3 Co-Pilots also has two of its own bolts.

Pg. 166: FA on Z Crack should read Doug Matthews

Pg. 168: Cooter Bug Anchor has been removed. If climbing the 180′ to the top, it is now 5.8X without the anchor.

Pg. 176: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles should be 120 feet, not 70 feet

Pg. 254: Slither and Flap should be 5.7+. It is marked correctly on the topo but incorrectly in the description.

Pg. 240: Lightning Corner should be marked 5.6. It is marked correctly on the topo but incorrectly in the description.

Left Field Area: In the photo topo, Huffin Cedar’s line should be drawn about 5 feet further left. In the photo topo for Knuckle Balls, the line should be drawn further right.



Pg. 168: An unknown 5.9 has been added by an unknown party just left of the 5.8 Crack in the Test Pilots Area.

Pg. 197: There is another unknown route just right of Obamanation climbing an arete flake past a high bolt.

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